Be the envy of all your friends when they sample this unusual Aussie fruit, that can’t be purchased at any fruit shop!

The Lemonade variety first appeared in Australia in the 1980’s, as a cross between an Orange and a Meyer Lemon. It is now widely grown in backyards throughout Australia.

The fruit has the appearance and shape of a lemon and it is easily peeled, and segmented. It is sweet and juicy and has a sweet effervescent flavour with a low acid content, tasting of lemonade. It has no bitterness and can be eaten as a fresh fruit, or squeezed for drinks. It truly has to be tasted to be appreciated. The tree is upright grower that produces an abundance of fruit, ripening mid winter.

The full size tree grows 2.5-3 metres high, and the dwarf version reaches 1.5-2 metres.

Available now at Ladybird Fruit Tree Nursery, 1452 Anzac Avenue Kallangur.