• Lemonade fruit tree

Australian Lemonade Fruit Tree


Be the envy of all your friends when they sample this unusual Aussie fruit, that can't be purchased at any fruit shop! The Lemonade variety first appeared in Australia in the 1980's, as a cross

Australian Lemonade Fruit Tree2022-03-25T11:37:12+08:00
  • Fruit Trees

Grow Your Own Backyard Fruit Trees


Are you using your backyard to it's full potential? Brisbane has a fantastic mild subtropical climate that is perfect for growing a wide range of fruits. Why not drop in for a chat and we

Grow Your Own Backyard Fruit Trees2022-03-25T11:22:07+08:00
  • Blueberry Plant For Subtropical Climate

Blueberries for Subtropical Climates


Blueberries are a naturally dwarf fruit tree that doesn't take up much space in your yard. They perform brilliantly in pots ranging in size from 35L -70L (350mm-500mm diameter). Resistant to most pests, the

Blueberries for Subtropical Climates2020-03-12T19:09:54+08:00
  • Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia Nut Trees


Have you seen the price of macadamia nuts lately? And yet they are so easy to grow in your backyard.Macadamia nut trees originated from South East Queensland and Northern NSW. Many of us grew up

Macadamia Nut Trees2021-03-31T11:44:55+08:00
  • Grafted Mango

Grafted Fruit Trees vs Seedlings


What is the difference between a 'grafted' fruit tree, and one that was grown from a seed?  Are grafted fruit trees better, or worse than seedlings?  In this article we will compare the two

Grafted Fruit Trees vs Seedlings2019-03-29T05:54:37+08:00
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