Blueberry Kisses® is an Australian bred, evergreen blueberry variety. Characterised by the extra-large fruit size, it is a naturally dwarfing and self-pollinating variety. The fruit size and dwarfing has been achieved by traditional plant breeding methods developed over many years. If all of our recommendations on the blueberry plant care page are followed, you can produce fruit up to three times larger than current blueberry varieties available to the home gardener. Harvest occurs over a long period resulting in a constant supply of delicious, healthy, antioxidant rich fruit. Blueberries have actually been nick named brain berries and youth berries because of their high antioxidant levels.

Blueberry Kisses® is a low chill variety with an exceptionally high yield. It has been trialled and fruited successfully in both hot and cold climates across Australia.

Grows 1-2m high in full sun or part shade.

We have a special growing medium for Blueberrys called Peat Moss. It is perfect for mixing into the soil, to get the PH nice and low (around 4-5.5) so your blueberry plant will thrive. You can add it to your shopping cart on the checkout page.

*Note: Colourful pot is not included.